Karur Anjaneya Temple

Sri Jaya Anjaneya Swami Temple, Karur : There was a divine direction to one of the village elders by none other then Sri Anjaneya moorthi Himself to build a temple. As directed, an idol of Sri Anjaneya Swami was established right below the 'dwajastamba'. The idol is south facing and adores the name 'Sri Jaya Anjaneya'. In the days that followed, the sannathi was built for Sri Anjaneya Swami. 'Maha kumbabishakam' was performed for this temple once in 1940 and then in the year 1984.

Not only that the establishment of this temple has this unique background, there is also a wonder stone which also indicates the blessing and presence of the Lord in this wonderful and peaceful place in Lalapet.

There is a wonder stone in this temple which is oval and slightly flat in shape, which is believed to fallen from the hands of Sri Anjaneya when He was carrying the 'marunthu malai' to Sri Lanka. The Bhakthas whether male or female will observe the sanctity and take bath in the water drawn from the well of the temple in the morning hours. With the wet cloth the Baktha mounts on the wonder stone and place both his hands on the ground adjacent to the wonder stone. The Baktha will 'smaran' Lord Sri Anjaneya Swami to fulfill his desire.

Then that wonder happens. The wonder stone starts moving i.e. rotating. If the wish of the Baktha is to be fulfilled by the Lord, then the wonder stone rotates towards the right direction. If the wish of the Baktha is not to be fulfilled by the Lord, the wonder stone then rotates towards the left direction. Once the wonder stone starts moving then the Baktha will also have to rotate in the direction without taking out his hand from the ground. If the wish is not justified then the wonder stone just does not move, rotate at all. It is said that Ekadesi (11th day after new moon day or full moon day), Thursday, Saturday or Sunday morning time before nine is most suitable time for this.

Author: Yamuna Harshavardhana